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Next pre-order - December 19th


Stock has landed and is being sent out in the coming days!

Remember we have a warehouse of fresh stock available all year round

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Pre-Sale Calendar

  • December 5th - Doctors Orders kegs
  • December 15th - Doctors Orders Can release
  • December 19th - Stone & Alesmith cans / Tuatara / Euro & UK shipment
  • January 16th - Stone & Alesmith
  • January 23rd - Deschutes / Victory / Clown Shoes
  • February 6th - Italian shipment
  • February 13th - Next UK shipment + Lervig
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December seas a flood of new cans from our Australian brewers, Nomad and Doctors Orders, through to a flood of UK and US cans. Stone release their core range cans, Alesmiths first cans..and more to come.
We’re excited to have picked up this fantastic brewer that we have long admired. Previoulsy available in very short supply via other channels, they will join our core UK beer line-up with a steady supply of amazing beers.
Wild beer take drinkers on a true journey in styles and love combining wild ingredients into their beers to create something really unique. Using a combination of barrel aging, souring as well as creating some big juicy traditional Pales and IPA’s, these guys are set to be a huge hit.

It’s been a while coming, but we can now confirm that pre-orders are now open for 2 of California’s highest rated brewers, Including Rate Beers 2015 Champion California Brewer - AleSmith.

Both beers have been shipped into Australia as grey market beers over the past years, meaning less than perfect beers have been landing and sampled by drinkers. Now we get our chance to taste them how they are meant to taste! Fresh and 100% direct and refrigerated from the source.

All sourced under exclusive distribution agreements with both brewers.

Expect to find a full selection of core range beers from both brewers, plus some very special limited releases. Initial order is 100% pre-orders

Nomad’s dedication and focus on brewing traditional styles with a Native Australia twist has payed off with the award for the Best Australia Saison.

LongTrip Saison brewed with a blend of Green roasted coffee and wattle seed, plus Tasmanian pepper berries came in as champion for 2016.

Beers now available to order via Experienceit or direct from Nomad

Stone and Sierra Nevada share an obsession with hops and a devotion to using the finest ingredients. We are colleagues, friendly competitors and mutual admirers above all else. All of that is represented by this special, one-time offering. We brewed two batches of an IPA. For the first batch, 50% was aged in gin-infused bourbon barrels and the  remaining half in rye whiskey barrels. These aged beers were expertly blended with the fresh second batch of IPA, which was dry-hopped to convey rich hop aromas to go with the citrusy, piney, woody, herbaceous flavors of this multilayered and truly one-of-a-kind collaboration between two one-of-a-kind brewing companies.
We’ve been working towards this goal for over 18 months or more and can finally announce that yes its true, we’ve secure the exclusive rights to 2 more of California’s super star brewers. AleSmith famed for its big IPA’s and Belgian styles has moved into a new brewery and that means more volume that they can share with us. Their Rate Beer award winning range will be a regular feature in our core range next to our other Californian brewer Stone.

Plus joining them will be a personal favourite The Briery. California’s sour specialist with a premium range of amazing sours and specialty beers.

All going to plan pre-orders will open in late June and first shipments should start arriving in late August

The re-launch of Deschutes has unfortunately been pushed back by one month due to some last minute changes in the production / outboxes for export. While it’s not ideal, it does mean we will have new extended shelf life beers landing from early March. Stay tuned for pre-orders.
November and December is set to be huge with 4 separate containers all hitting our shores, just in-time for Christmas, from the best of the Europeans, to a rare release of Jester King and Prairie (classic farm house), the the ultimate bastard Christmas, Fresh new beers from NZ and Tuatara and Townshends and then to top it off Victory hitting early January with Clown Shoes in tow…
Its going to be big.
The awesome Stone beers just keep on coming. Landing around 18th August is the amazing Ruinten - Ruination anniversary beer, and then the big one hits in Sept “Thunderstruck”, Stone brewers anniversary beer, and you guessed it, loaded with 100% Aussie hops. Plus if thats not enough the container will also be loaded with a mountain of special release beers that have just become available. Keep an eye on the TradeZone for further details.
May’s Good Beer Week in Melbourne promises to be our biggest ever. 7 visiting brewers and one Chef. Along with our events throughout the week, the team at Nieuw Amsterdam have given us a home for the entire week as our very now beer hub. A place to chill and meet our brewers in an up close and personal environment. Combine this with a selection of rare beers, and surprise guests, and you’ve got the makings of one big party. So who will be coming?
  • Jester King
  • Birra Del Borgo
  • Beavertown
  • Victory
  • Tuatara
  • Nomad
  • Doctors Orders
  • plus
  • Deschutes head BrewPub Chef to cook us some beer delights

So if you want one very cool experience and some great beers, then come on down and say G’day
Its been a long time coming, but finally we have our first Kiwi’s being added to the range, and we went straight to the top. New Zealand’s Premier brewer Tuatara has signed with Experienceit under an exclusive distribution arrangement. This is an exciting development to our already comprehensive range and our aim is to expand distribution of this great brand and deliver a broader mix of their fantastic beers. First release available late March 2015.
Following on from this expect to see some other NZ developments with NZ’s award winning best brewer, Townshend.
Yes that little rumour is true, that one amazing brewer is finally making their way to our shores properly, and with the support of Stone. No more grey market rubbish delivered to un-suspecting consumers. From March, expect to see the best quality beers from the worlds best brewer, only via Experienceit (Officially!)
Want to be a part of getting something great into the country properlY? Then ask us for details!
We’ll shortly have another massive beer announcement that will be the perfect start to the new year. Stay tuned :-)
Hot on the heals of Doc’s first ever bottle release comes his second release, which we should be able to squeeze in before Christmas. Doc’s second bottle is his Zephyr Double White Ale. Plus to join this BrewCult will deliver us an awesome imperial lager that makes its first time launch in bottles “Beer Geek Rage Quit. Both should be available the final days before Christmas.
The wait is almost over!. Finally Doctors Orders will be in bottle, so you can all enjoy his amazing beers in the comfort of your home. Nomad Brewing Co. is also proud to have helped make this happen and will be selling Doc's bottles from the brewery as soon as they are ready. Pre-orders are now open, but don't waste time as stock will go fast!
Sept / Oct is a huge month for new brewers from both the US and Europe. Finally after many years of being away from our shores and subject to mass grey imports, Victory is back, all fresh and direct from the brewer and at great pricing that will make this a very solid part of our core range. Joining them is Left Coast from California and an American Brewer taking Scandinavia by Storm Mike from Lervig in Norway...Plus lots more fresh beers that you all know and love.

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Why do we hate grey? Because its against the wishes of the brewers that go to the effort to create their great beers, because it is delivering in many cases second rate beer to Australian drinkers and because its beer from brewers that are not supporting the local craft beer community and an insult to all the great local brewers and international brewers that go to a lot of effort to support the Australian industry and drinkers, with valuable shelf space taken up with grey product. If you want Grey then call ATP, if you want fresh then we have the best of the worlds Craft beers in one portfolio including many new beers that are about to hit the shores for the first time fresh and direct. Support those brewers that support our market!

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Nomad packaged range has just been released and is now available Australia wide. Product can either be ordered direct from the brewery to save you money, or via Experienceit in all states except NSW (NSW is handled by Nomad direct). Our full core range now available
Its been a while coming and finally Nomad Brewing Co. has its first beer hitting taps W/C 21st July, with our super hoppy, super tasty, super seasonable Sideways Pale available available in Kegs. Following this W/C 28th will be the Jet Lag IPA, and then the ultra special Long Trip Saison. All unique all tasty and all brewed on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

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After the hype Melbourne had for Good Beer Week, we decided we needed to make a similar effort for our home state so after a number of calls we can now confirm that joining us for the Sydney Craft Beer Week will be Shane from Sixpoint (Brooklyn), Logan Plant from Beavertown (UK) and Leonardo Di Vincenzo from Birra Del Borgo (Italy). Stay tuned for details of events for the week.

What's craft beer about?.... Watch the video and find out - Then come share our passion!

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We’ve got lots of great things on the way and in the pipe-line, below is just a few of the exciting new things to look out for in the coming months. To see the full coming soon and available now, click on the Coming Soon sign above and visit our TradeZone

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December 12th DOB 1st Can release

December 19th - Nomad Summer can release

December 19th - UK container

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December 19th - AleSmith First ever can release

Wild Beer Australian release - 19th December

NEW Clown Shoes for January 2017

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